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When life sucks, just laugh! – Memoirs of a single mom/student

October 24, 2008

In 2003, I was at a down point in my life.  I had lost what I call the 4 H’s.

I got divorced (lost HUSBAND), couldn’t afford to keep my house (lost HOUSE), developed health problems (lost HEALTH, cancer scare) and finally and the most devastating, I had lost part of my hearing due to chemotherapy and drugs but it ended up being a misdiagnosis (lost HEARING).

All I could was start over. I joined divorce support groups but they were all crying and most of them were ‘men haters’ and I tried to make the best moving to a ‘not so safe, not so nice’ neighborhood and making the major adjustments of a smaller place as well.

I eventually learned (but I knew that), I should associate with positive people. People who made me ‘laugh’ because laughter has been proven beneficial to mental and physical health. Incorporate a fifth “H” in my life “Humor!”

That is why I am currently working hard on a project for school that focuses on my research of using laughter aka comedy therapy to deal with stress and tradegies in life.


Incorporate this into your everyday routine

Incorporate this into your everyday routine

How do you do this? You may ask…
If you need actual objects or ‘toys’ try this link
There are items like Happy Stress ball and promotional laughing pen.
You can also try thinking of all your favorite comedy movies and/or comedians or places to watch comedians.
Jim Carrey is one of my faves!


Also, try reading joke books, there are also sites featuring all types of jokes & a joke of the day…..
Here are a few links: Here you can even learn to build your own joke website! 😀
My latest project is a public speaking guide for teens.
The resource I found most helpful was a comedian named Derek Wilken and he agrees that laughter will help shake those ‘speaker’s nerves’!
If you have any feedback and/or would like to contribute to this worthwhile project, you can email me at